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Telugu Road Show Vol-1 Exclusivly By Dj Succes's Solapur

Dj Succes's Solapur



Album Info

Album Name: Telugu Road Show Vol-1


Artist:DJ SUCCES (Solapur)



Tracks In Album

Note:Click On The Song Name To Download

No.Song NameSizeDownloads
1You Rock My (House Mix)9mb
2Babu o RamBabu(Club Remix) 7mb
3Roopu Thera Mastaana Exclusive Remix9mb528
4Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde Special Remix8mb634
5Ganapathi Bappa Moria(Club Mix)6mb651
6O Saathiya(Love mix)10mb595
7Nakka Mukku(Club Mix)5mb442
8Saara Saramma Remix2mb612
9Ranu Ranu(Exclusive Mix)8mb598
10Adavi Ramudu(Dholki Mix) 9mb715
11Chakka Chakka(Road Show Mix)8mb589
12Bunny Bunny(Road Show Mix) 8mb723
13Ringa Ringa  (Road show mix) 7mb
14Top Lesi poddi  (Dance mix)  8mb
15Kavvu keka  (Road show mix)  7mb
16Maisama  (Dance mix) 8mb
17Kaatama_Rayuda (Road show mix)  2mb

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