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maxvisits review

 MaxVisits Review

So, I’ve already mentioned how the requirements for their free trial are problematic. This makes trusting any online content about them very difficult. For example, take a look at this set of reviews. You see a few people with 1-star reviews and complaints as to the validity of their traffic. Then you see a host of 5-star reviews, which are all pretty generic.
Here’s the thing; they very easily could be legitimate reviews, just coming from black hat sources. That’s the crux of the whole issue. Max Visits is pretty firmly a traffic purchasing scheme for gray and black hat marketers. The traffic you get is going to be a mixture of bot traffic, untargeted low-interest traffic, and the occasional moderate interest user. It’s going to be far worse – but far cheaper – than traffic you might get from targeted AdWords or Facebook traffic.
Generally, you’re not going to get any conversions out of Max Visits. I’m making a blanket statement here, though, and I realize that some people very well will get conversions. You’re just not going to get a very high conversion rate, if you get any conversions at all. In my experiments, I didn’t get any conversions.
There’s also an issue with Google Analytics. Google has very aggressive filters to get rid of purchased traffic, particularly purchased traffic coming from methods like those used by Max Visits. This means that when you buy 10,000 views from Max Visits, Google Analytics might only record 500 of them.
This is a problem if you’re trying to monetize through AdSense; the views will be largely discounted and Google will very likely suspend your account for suspicious ad activity. On the other hand, if you’re using non-Google monetization – and non-Google analytics – you’ll see a lot more of the traffic making it through filters.
My overall opinion is this; as far as black hat traffic sellers go, Max Visits is among the best there are. They have a wide network of sites and a variety of traffic sources. The only problem is, it’s still black hat traffic. If you’re looking for higher quality traffic or traffic you can use with Google, you’re best off looking elsewhere.

The traffic that Max Visits uses, they claim, is 100% legitimate, targeted traffic. They have a broad network of sites they operate in various ways to send hits towards their advertisers. This traffic comes from:
  • IFrames in existing websites. Whether these are hidden and invisible, or broadly visible as advertising, I don’t know.
  • Pop-unders on otherwise legitimate websites.
  • Specifically adult-targeted traffic, typically coming from a network of adult websites.
  • Traffic coming from expired domains; think domain parking, or expired domains picked up and registered then filled with ads to soak up residual traffic from the site before it’s deindexed.
  • Alexa-specific traffic, that is, a specific network of people who have the Alexa toolbar installed and whose presence boosts your Alexa ranking.
  • Traffic coming from email marketing.
    How much of this is spam versus placement in legitimate mailing lists, I have no way to tell you.

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